I knew I could make him into a cuckold. It didn’t take long to convince him.


The Idea of Cuckold


I started putting the idea of how hot it would be if he watched another man fuck me. He enjoyed the fantasy part at first and soon we were enjoying cuckolding porn together. He wasn’t entirely sold on the reality of it all.

I wasn’t about to give up. We started going out to clubs and I would dance with random men in in front of him. I saw how hot this made him. When we got home, he would ravish me. There was no question he would give in soon.

He was born for this. I was training him to be a good cuckold boyfriend for me.


Cuckold training intensifies


I wanted him, to be a cock sucking cuckold for me. I started with a strap on. He seemed to be enjoying it, as I could tell how aroused he was getting.

I even started masturbating in front of him with a nice fat dildo and only let him watch. If he was good, I would let him jerk his cock after I was finished. If he was naughty, he got denied.

Denying him became a favorite of mine as he would be more focused and disciplined.


The end result


I had to test him and see if his training paid off. We went to a club as we normally would but this time it was different. I wasn’t just teasing him by dancing with random men, I was choosing one to bring home.

I found the perfect specimen, tall, dark and handsome (of course). I could feel his huge bulge in his pants while I was dancing with him, and I knew he was the one.

He was the one chosen to fuck me in front of my cuckold to be boyfriend *giggles*.


There will be a part 2, to this story but for now I must leave you wondering what happened with my cuckold boyfriend. Did he make me proud or was he a disappointment.


We shall soon find out!


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