Cuckolds differ and we all know this. There are those of you who like to listen to another man pleasuring your wife or girlfriend. Some of you like to watch and let’s not forget the participators. Seeing someone you love be with someone else in such an intimate situation is very erotic.

The Listener Cuckolds

You love the idea of your wife or girlfriend cuckolding you, but you don’t want to actually see it happening. The bull comes over, takes her into the bedroom as you sit and listen to the sounds she is making with another man.

Moans you may not even heard her make before that night. As you sit there all alone with your cock in hand knowing that could never please her like him.

The Watcher Cuckolds

Telling your wife or girlfriend you want to see another man pleasing her and some of you regret the idea after watching, but then you have guys like you who got so hard watching, you jerked off in minutes or edged during the cuckold session.

You know who you are! To watch how another man handles your significant other, throwing her around, pounding her hard and deep, something you could never do to her.

The Participator Cuckolds

I found that most of you like to take part in sharing your wife or girlfriend. To be so fascinated by another cock pleasing your wife or girlfriend so much, that you want to fluff him and make sure she gets a good dick down. You just want to make sure she gets what she deserves, don’t you?

You also anticipate the the end result. That finale, where you get to see him see him release inside her. You are so aroused and weak at this point, you can’t wait for clean up duty.


Even though cuckolds differ the emotions running through you during one of these cuckold sessions can vary depending of which cuckold you are. Did you feel shame, humiliation, regret or erotica, sexy and aroused.

You know and I know, that you were so turned on in the moment that none of those first 3 emotions really mattered. Your wife or girlfriend got what they wanted and you got exactly what you wished for (evil grin).


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