Becoming a cuckold and losing the respect of your lover can be a hard truth to handle. But in most cases, this is what you wanted and probably even talked her into it.

I know, you did not think that far ahead of how becoming a cuckold would change your relationship, now did you? You did not think of how the way she looked at you would change. It all started with a fantasy you shared with her and wanted to indulge in.

Then she agrees to pursue this with you and to your surprise, she becomes addicted to that much larger and thicker cock. She even gets off on the fact that you get off watching her. (I do find it hot to be watched).


Cuckold’s remorse


This brings us to cuckold’s remorse. You know the feeling you have when this fantasy becomes reality. It is hot, it is what you wanted, and you get off, she gets off. Then after you witness your lover being satisfied by another man, a real man, your regret sits in.

You start thinking what I have done, or what did I do. But feeling this way is natural. You may also experience a lot of emotions all at once, excitement, sadness, anger and of course pleasure (which is why you asked for this to begin with).

So, you will have to live with this regret and accept it and try to make the best of the situation that you created. You are now a cuckold!


Finding happiness being a Cuckold


Think of the positives. Your now useless cock gets harder than ever while watching your lover getting fucked by that bigger and thicker cock. As a cuckold you get to hear these moans coming from her that you never heard before. That in itself should please you because she is happy.

And remember you may not be completely pussy free, especially if you become her clean up cuck! So, you still get to taste that pussy that you handed over freely to another man. That should make you happy, a little bit is better than nothing at all!

Also, if you get to orgasm while watching, or after being dismissed to another room, be thankful you even got a release at all, again that should make you happy *giggles*!


Your life now as a Cuckold


So, now you know there is no coming back from this. You have accepted your new role in this relationship, and you found your happiness.

But do not be worried if you are still struggling to be happy, eventually you will stop fighting and just ease right into this new role. Cuckold remorse is a real thing, but remember YOU wanted this and now YOU need this!

As time goes on you will soon be assigned other tasks in this cuckold role. Some of these tasks may be harder than others for you to accept but you really have no other choice but to obey. The less you fight it, the happier you will be!


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