He got his cuckold wish that he wanted.

It all started when he wanted to see his wife be with another man, of course, another man with a larger cock. He would mention his fantasy to her over and over.

He would start by having his wife tell him a story of her fucking another name. She could see how turned on he was getting when she talked about a longer and thicker cock.


A cuckold wish come true


His wife finally gave in and let him set her up on a date with one of his one of his hot co workers. This co worker has seen pictures of the cucks wife on his desk at work so he was eager to go on this date.

She was extremely nervous, since this was her first date with another man since her husband.

The cuckold explained to his wife there was no need to be so nervous. He calmed her down a bit with a glass of wine and helped her get dressed.

He picked out a little black sexy dress, black sheer thigh high stockings with the seam down the back and a pair of fuck me heels.


The date


His co worker arrived on time and the cuck urged her to answer the door and head out for the date. He was pleased to see how sexy she was dressed. HIs wife was also pleased to see how hot her date was!

The date proceeds to cozy little restaurant. Where he had a corner booth in the back reserved for them. The evening then started off with some small talk, food and lots of wine.

Once he noticed she was more relaxed, he leaned in a little more to get closer to her. He placed his hand on her thigh and gave it a squeeze. He heard her let a a gasp.

They get up to leave and head to the car.


The cuckold husband eagerly waiting at home


HIs wife arrives home with her date, and she stumbles in the door. Her cuckold husband is sitting in a chair waiting for them to approach the living room. He says hello to both of them as he leans back and gets comfy.

HIs co worker starts to kiss and make out with his wife. He slowly starts to slip off her dress, getting her down to just her panties and bra. She looks over at her cuckold husband and she can see how excited he is.

His co worker sits down on the sofa and unzips his pants, pulling out his big thick cock. HIs wife’s eyes widen as she sees how big his cock is.


The cuckold’s wish has been granted


She gets on her knees and starts devouring thick cock and moaning. Her cuckold husband didn’t think she would be this eager to fuck another man, I mean it did take him a little time to get her to agree to this date.

His wife stands up and starts to strip out of her bra and panties. She looks over her shoulder at her cuck and gives him a smile and says, “This is what you wanted”.


Needless to say this cuckold got exactly what he wanted.

But what he didn’t anticipate was his wife getting addicted to this bigger, thicker better cock. She wanted it so much, that her cuckold husband became pussy free.

I mean she didn’t totally leave him out of her fun. He got to watch most of the time, (sometimes she would tease him with a phone call and just let him listen to her getting pounded) and other times she made him participate, she didn’t want him to feel left out *giggles*.


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