Welcome back to the continuation of the office sissy!

If you missed the first part you can click here for part 1 of the office sissy.

Sissy Jim now goes by the name Sissy Tabbi, and she has been a big hit with all the guys and girls at the office! She loves coming to work all dressed up sexy and girly! Dresses, skirts, tights, heels, and much, much more. She gets to be herself every day now!

She also loves doing all the tasks we give her and is always happy to help anyone with anything!


Daily office Sissy tasks


Sissy Tabbi has a list of things to do around the office. These tasks included anything from getting us lunch, cleaning up messes (even the ones she makes), or even recording our company meetings. Everyone loved Sissy Tabbi!

Sissy Tabbi loved coming to work more than ever before. She would just prance around the office happy and flirty. She is definitely a people pleaser. That made her very popular with the guys in the office *giggles*.

Let’s face it, we all knew what it meant when we saw Sissy Tabbi’s lipstick all smudged or we would catch her touching it up in the lady’s room.


After Office Hours


The after office hours fun started because Sissy Tabbi could not behave herself during regular hours. We have all caught the office sissy in a compromising situation or two. She was not very discreet when it came to doing the tasks that the guys would ask or want her to do.

So, the plan was to let Sissy Tabbi be as naughty as she wanted to be *giggles*.  But she had no idea what was in store for her. These parties became so much more than co workers.

The clients even wanted a piece of Sissy Tabbi, our very popular office sissy or should we call her the office slut now *giggles*.


The Party


Clients would come from all over to experience Sissy Tabbi. The first party was a bit overwhelming for her, but she did a great job with every task thrown at her or should I say cock!

After a few drinks Sissy Tabbi’s nerves seemed to disappear and she just went wild! The things she would do for the guys at this party, and she would not stop until every cock at the party was fully satisfied!

After the first initial party, our office sissy just loved them and couldn’t get enough! She looked forward to every party thrown after that. I just knew Sissy Tabbi would take on the party tasks and accept her role in life.


To be honest, I think Sissy Tabbi secretly loved being caught by us girls. She wanted to be the best at her new role and just wanted to fit in and live her sissy life to the fullest! And with my help she is doing just that.


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