Is your dick too small?

Well, let us start with what size you are when fully erect. If you are below 5 1/2 inches, then YES, you are too small *giggles*.

5 1/2 is the average penis size of most men (which I think 5 1/2 is still small), but let’s face it, YOU are not like most men.

But do not despair; there are some things you may try to enhance her pleasure since that tiny dick just is not doing the job. And yes! I said her pleasure.  I know you can rub and tug that little penis of yours and make squirties. But remember, it is all about the woman!


Small dick help


Do you want to know what it feels like to be inside a woman? I know you do, and with that small dick, it is almost impossible.

Well, now you are in luck! They have penis sleeves that you can slip on and feel like a real man, *giggles*.

They are also referred to as an extender or extension. A penis extender can give you length, but did you know it can also increase the girth of that tiny dick of yours. They also can help you with stamina, and trust me; no woman wants a minute man *giggles*.

And did you know you can get them with nubbed and ribbed textures? If you are feeling extra spicy, you can get yourself a sleeve with a tickler or even a vibrating extension.


Another small dick alternative


This one may be a slight bit humiliating, but hey, you have to do what you have to do. Are you small dick men ready for this? *giggles*…. wait for it….. A strap-on!

Yes, I said a strap-on. Let me explain: it will not be the same as the sleeve, but it is another alternative to satisfying your woman. It lets you simulate the act of having sex and pleases her at the same time.

Maybe afterward, she may let you hump her thigh or ass cheek if you are lucky with that small, tiny dick of yours *giggles*. That is what I let an ex-boyfriend of mine do, but he also cleaned up his mess with his tongue when he was done.


Penis Reviews


If you are unsure if this post pertains to you, I can help you with finding out where you fall in the small dick category. I offer dick review sessions. Where you send me a picture of your dick.

You simply set up a session with dispatch, then email me a picture of your dick, and when you call, I will give you my true and honest opinion of your cock.

It is easy, simple and painless, well I mean the painful truth may hurt you, but oh well *giggles*.

You can reach out to me here:


I must say I do find the smaller dicks so cute and adorable, but as I said before, no one really wants the smaller dick. It is like comparing them to the iPhone mini and the iPhone Pro Max. The mini is so tiny and cute, but let’s be honest, no one really wants a tiny screen to look at *giggles*. Just like they don’t want to look at your little cock!

Trust me, I can have fun with a small dick, but I need more than fun. I need a dick that can satisfy my needs, and maybe with an extender or strapon, you can accomplish something that little dick alone could not do.

And in my personal opinion, bigger is always better!



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