Pink dress sissy, I should have seen this coming.

All this time I thought it was me in that pink dress that drove you crazy. The way you would beg me to wear it all the time, and I lost count of how many times you would fuck me in it.

Until one day, I came home early, and the truth revealed itself!

I saw you, you were staring at yourself in the mirror, slowly turning and running your hands up and down your body, in that pink dress! I knew something was different about you, I just could not put my finger on it, but now I know.

I know that you are a Sissy! I now know what I need to do and what you need to do. This relationship just took a turn for the better *giggles*.


That Pink Dress Sissy


He had no Idea I saw him that day in my dress! But I knew the truth now and he couldn’t be happy living as a man, when deep down inside he was a sissy girl.

I offered to go to my room and get that pink dress he loves so much *giggles*, but this time I had a different idea. He expected me to come down wearing the dress he loves so much.

Instead, I came downstairs holding that pink dress in my hands with my arms stretched out and said here, you put it on.

The look on his face was a confused look, but I told him since he loves the dress so much, that maybe he should wear it.


Putting that Pink Dress on


Without hesitation he did exactly as I told him to. I watched as he stripped out of those icky man clothes and start to slip into that Pink Dress.

I could see his demeanor change right before my eyes, he seemed to have a glow to him. He even seemed softer in a way. As he turned around and I just smiled.

He blushed a bit when he saw me smiling at him. I could tell this is what he wanted for a very long time. He wanted to feel feminine and girly.


After that Pink Dress


My boyfriend then became my best Sissy friend, we were best girlfriends. We would go shopping and buy all kinds of pink pretty things and even sexy things!

His or should I say her collection of clothing grew way beyond that Pink Dress. (panties, bras, slips, stockings, shoes and accessories, the list goes on and on) I would even help her find panties that would fit her the best.

I even gave her some make up tips on how to highlight her best features and she is just beautiful!  We became closer than ever before and to be honest I think this was the best thing to happen to our relationship.


Her name is Brandi and we are still close to this day. We get to together, have our girl’s night and spa days when we can. It’s usually when James it out of town.

If you would like to talk about being a Sissy girl or just asking for tips and advice just reach out to me. We can even chat about your experiences, for example: what was it like trying on your first pair of panties or even slipping into your favorite dress.

And how did you feel? was it freeing and liberating or were you scared and confused.

I can’t wait to hear from you sissy girlies!


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