Small penis happiness can be achieved *giggles*. You are here for a reason and that is because you are not man enough to satisfy a woman and you are reminded of this every time you take those pants down.

I love how your small penis gets so excited when it sees me *giggles*,

Let’s be honest though, you know, and I know that thing isn’t going to satisfy a woman like me. Don’t get me wrong, your small penis is so cute, but I don’t want it inside me.

Most of the time I don’t even want to touch it *giggles*, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. There is so much we can do with your small penis.


How to play with a small penis


First off we won’t be using the terms stroking or jerking. When you have a little guy, you really aren’t stroking or jerking, it’s more like a rub or pinch.

You can rub it with the palm of your hand and just grind those hips into it *giggles*.  Basically, what I do when I masturbate (when I am not using my pillows).

Speaking of pillows! For those of you with a small penis, this is a great option as well. You can get on top of that pillow, you can somewhat simulate having sex *giggles*. At least the pillow can’t ask if it’s in yet.

Also, you can use a vibrator combined with a pillow. This is another great option. My favorite all time, go to toy is my Hitachi wand! Just placing my Hitachi on top of my pillow and riding it (AMAZING!).

There are plenty more ways to play with a small penis, but we can discuss this further in a session.


Not much else to say


Usually, I have a few separate paragraphs on my blog but, you have a small penis! *giggles* There really is not much to say and I don’t want to give away all my tips and tricks of how to tease and satisfy your little guy.

You will never satisfy a woman with that small penis, but you can at least satisfy yourself.

You may not know the satisfaction of feeling a tight, warm, wet pussy around your cock, but at least you can rub it until you make squirties *giggles*.

At least you can make your small penis happy!


I know a little small penis humiliation and some verbal abuse gets your little guy going *giggles*. I mean what else is there for that tiny thing that looks like an outie belly button. with some grapes attached.


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