It is Masturbation May!! My favorite month *giggles*. It is a time to celebrate while feeling yourself!

As you all know I love my pillows and humping them, but there are so many different and exciting ways for us to masturbate.

We won’t keep talking about my pillows, but some of you know that I have jumped on my pillow during our sessions *giggles*.

Anyways, humping anything can be fun, your hand is usually the go to tool to get the job done, but have you tried other items?


Fun Ways to Masturbate


I know for girls it is easier to just hump the side of the tub or a corner of a table *giggles*. but you guys can have fun too. You guys can stack pillows and just place your cock between and poof there you go.

You can peel a banana or cut a hole and squeeze out the inside. Then simply rinse the rind and feel it with lube and wrap it around your cock or slip that cock inside the hole and go at it *giggles*.

You can also use soft fabrics such as sheets gathered, plush carpets or blankets piled up in a ball are all fuckable. Even baggies (you choose your size) and fill them with a safe lubricant of your choice.


Speaking of Lubricants


I know a lot of you like to just spit in the palm of your hand and wank away, but I have some other ideas for lubricants that you can use to masturbate with, and they can be found in your home.

  • Vaseline
  • Vitamin E
  • Crisco
  • Lard
  • Butter
  • Body lotion
  • vegetable, corn, olive, mineral or baby oil

There you go and now you can have at it *giggles*.


When you get Horny


Sometimes we cannot help when that urge to rub one out or jerk it off hits us. It can hit us while we are bored or even watching a movie (hopefully at home in private) *giggles*.  I mean it is hot to play in a movie theater but, we do not want to get in trouble!!

Even if you find yourself home alone and need some release, then do it. There is nothing wrong with masturbation and I LOVE self pleasure.

I mean to be honest, who knows what you like better than yourself! You know how hard or soft, slow or fast you like it.

The things I mentioned above are just ways to spice or switch up the way you masturbate. The entire idea of self pleasure by masturbating is to enjoy yourself and the moment.

Whether you watch porn, fantasize or think of a special person, no matter what, when you touch yourself, it always feels good!


I want to know what makes you horny, how you like to masturbate, I want to know it all *giggles*.  For example, do you like to masturbate knowing someone is home and may catch you? or do you like to be completely alone.

Do you like to be loud or silent? Do you take your time, or do you rub one out quickly (I know having to be quick does apply to special circumstances) *giggles* and I am not talking about you minute men!!


Just tell me everything!!

If you would like to share with me and spill all your secrets, I may just share some of mine *giggles*. Hell, I may even rub one out with you, which I have done on occasion!


So here is how is you can contact me:

Twitter: Enchantix_madi

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Email me:

Can’t wait to get naughty with you



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