It’s Masturbation May and you know I love masturbating, but who doesn’t, right? It’s a natural and healthy part of life!


There are so many ways to enjoy yourself. I prefer my pillow, but I have other toys as well. The way I masturbate depends on my mood! Sometimes it’s a pillow humping kind of day, or a big dildo kind of day, or anal play day (while fantasizing about my Butt stuff Queen aka Ms. Constance)!


There is no wrong way to stroke, tug, or rub one out, but it is a lot more fun when you can do it with someone.


Mutual masturbation is hot, fun, and sexy! I love vocal guys who moan and groan with each stroke while I play along. Huge turn on for me when I can hear your pleasure and bonus points if I hear you stroking.


With all I mentioned above, I also need to remind you that even though it’s the month for Masturbation and it’s for everyone! For some of you, this doesn’t mean you get to cum (giggles). But TRUST ME we will have lots of fun teasing and touching that cock or clitty of yours!

I can see how many times I can get you to edge that cock for me. Slowly tease it with each stroke then stop and repeat. Aww but don’t be said, I know, and you know this drives you crazy and you love it!


Did you ever think of playing Pass the Penis? for this month of masturbating! First Mistress starting to tease you, then the next one teasing a bit more and so on! Pass the Penis is a fun masturbation game for us all!


So in honor of Masturbation May, we have some sexy goodies for you!

  • All 10 mins calls between the hours of 3am-9am EST time are only $20!!!

masturbation may


  • 20% off all Multi Mistress calls

masturbation may


Don’t miss out on these super hot deals! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by an email or find me on Skype.



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