How I made you my sissy nurse! I knew you would be prefect!

I am glad you have been showing up to your appointments, but I think this will be your last one as a patient. Nurse Madison loves examining you, but I think you know that.

All those times when I snapped my rubber gloves and made you jump, I love it when you are nervous. But you do not need to be nervous anymore. I know you are ready.

Since the doctor has prescribed you those special pills I have seen much improvement in you. You have taken those pills as instructed and I am so proud of you. I just need to take a peek to confirm my suspicions.


Sissy Nurse Progress


I must see how much progress you have made, time to undress for your examination. Oh, let us get those icky boxer briefs off you too. *Giggles* Look! Just look at how cute and tiny it has gotten.

It is like a cute tiny button now. This is perfect and now it is time to get rid of these man clothes you came here in.

I throw them away in the soiled linen cart, you will not be needing these anymore!


Sissy Nurse at your service


Time to get dressed, let’s complete your sissy nurse transformation *giggles*. Please don’t be nervous, this is what you were made for.

I have you slip into those sexy white lace panties, the sheer white thigh highs stockings and your sexy nurse’s uniform. Now, let us top this sissy nurse look off with some sexy white fuck me heels, oh, I mean your work shoes.

Now you need to follow me, and do exactly as I tell you, do you understand? *giggles*.


Sissy takes care of patient


I take you into exam room number 1 and there is your first special patient of the day. You notice he has a smile on his face, and he is very hot! (and no, he is not running a fever) *giggles*.

I slap you on the ass and instruct you to start your exam. Oh, you seem nervous again, come on over here and stand beside me.

I reach down for the bottom of his gown and start to lift it up. You may exam the special patient now sissy nurse.


Sissy Nurse doing her job


I see your hands shaking as you start to touch and exam that big thick huge cock of your special patient. It is ok you will get more comfortable with your new role as time goes on.

The more patients you see, the more practice you will get. Now I know you can try harder than that.

Grab his cock, start massaging it, there you go, just like that. See how he is responding to your touch? That means you are doing your job correctly.

You as his sissy nurse has to make sure your special patient is fully satisfied. Remember the patient will tell you what feels good and what he likes. The patient is always right!


Sissy Nurse Summary


Your sissy nurse skills will improve over time, and you will be doing more tasks with your patients.

Right now, you are at a level 1 and by time I am finished with you *giggles*. You be in demand and your list of special patients will grow and grow (just like those cocks you are taking care of) *giggles*.

We will discuss further what new skills you will be learning and performing. For example, oral skills will be next on your list of sissy nurse duties, and I am sure you will not disappoint me as you want to be the best in your field.


Do you want to be a sissy nurse? Maybe your skills are more advance, and we can take this fantasy to a whole new level.


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