I knew something was different with this new guy I was dating. He seemed very eager to indulge me with a lot of my fantasies, so I ran with it (what girl wouldn’t). Turning him into a cuckold was easier than I expected. After all, it is what he wanted deep down inside, and I just helped him realize his destiny.


Watching me with other guys


He would always say how he thought it was hot when other guys would flirt with me, that it even turned him on. After he told me that our relationship started to change. I knew I could turn him into the perfect cuckold lover.

We still went out on our dates and did the typical couple things but just different now. He would find a spot to sit with a good view at any club we went to, just to watch me flirt, dance, and tease men. All typical traits of a cuckold man.

I am sure you know where I am going with this. He was so into watching me with these other men, that it became an addiction for him, and soon just dancing and teasing wasn’t enough for him.


Cuckold in waiting


Our date nights turned into me going out alone, with his encouragement of course. I would go to the clubs, then come home and find him waiting like an eager cuckold wanting to hear all about my adventures from that night.

I thought I could take this fun little arrangement he started, a little further. I decided this time when I went out, I wasn’t coming home alone. I didn’t tell him, I wanted to surprise him.

The night I invited my date home, changed my cuckold’s life forever. He seemed kind of confused as to what was going on but trust me, he wasn’t confused for long. I acted like he wasn’t even in the room and started making out with my date. I could hear my cuck saying something but I wasn’t really paying attention to him.

What happened next secured his position in the rest of our relationship. He craved watching me have sex with other men, that is the only time he gets to cum, is if I let him.

He is addicted to being a cuckold and I would not have it any other way.



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