Here I am as promised on how I turned him into a cuckold and in case you missed the first part here it is making of a cuckold.

Where was I……. oh yes, I chose a tall, dark, and handsome guy from the club


The ride home


After I picked the man I wanted, we proceeded to the car. We got in the back seat, while my cuckold to be drove us home.

I made sure to sit where he could see me through the rear view (giggles). He drove so fast to get home.

He may have been excited for the evening to finally get started.


My Cuckold and I arrive home


The first thing I did when we got back to the house, was make my cuckold strip down to his birthday suit.

As he was doing what he was told, I was kissing my stud and pulling out his BBC and stroking it. My cuck blushed and his eyes got wide.

I think he was just as impressed at the size of his cock. I just smiled and told him to get over here.


Comparing the two


I put my cuckold and my new BBC next to each other (giggles). I am sure you know what is coming next!

I first compared the two and of course laughed at the size difference between them. The humiliation only seemed to make my cuckolds little prick harder. It was so cute.

I showed him how my hand covered his entire penis but couldn’t even wrap all the way around that BBC. At this point I think my cuckold understood where his place was in this relationship.


Time to see if the Training paid off


I nodded my head to my cuckold, and he instantly sank to his knees. So far so good!

I leaned in and whispered in his ear, to grab a hold of that BBC and feel it, get to know it. He did just that and was he was amazed at how heavy it felt in his hands,

That’s what a real cock feels like cucky. Every woman wants a nice long, thick cock to please her, and I instructed him to continue.

I was excited to see how much of his training he remembered (giggles).



As the evening went on my cuckold was doing a great job. He took that cock in his mouth just like we practiced, even trying to deep throat him.

He was so good at being a cocksucker, I was actually impressed by him. But now for the real test. Let’s see how he handles watching another man, a real man fuck me.

I even let my cuckold be a part of my enjoyment, by letting him guide this gorgeous BBC inside me!


The rest of the night


I am sure you know how the rest of MY night went (giggles). As for my cuckold, well let’s just say I think he had more fun than he thought he would! I didn’t complain or cry.

He did an amazing job at cleaning up and if you are wondering, no I did not let him cum! Why should he, this night was about me.


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