This post is just to announce my erotic cuckold audio and the December specials we have for all of you guys!

Soooo ….

I made an erotic cuckold audio! Finally, and I am so excited and you should be too *giggles*. Listen to me describe being fucked by an Alpha male.

It’s perfect for when you don’t have time to make a call, you can simply just listen to this audio over and over! It will almost be like you are in the room watching me. 

Click the picture and enjoy! 


masturbationdomination (800) 601-6975



Did you see all the sweet Specials we have for December. We have some really awesome gifts for you guys for this Holiday season! So be sure to take advantage of these while you can!

Click the picture below for more details!




Also Princess Andi put together a sexy Advent Calendar for you guys! Be sure to check her blog every day to hear a sexy message from us LDW Mistresses! 

It was so fun to be a part of this awesome gift to all you guys! We hope you enjoy it!

Click the picture below and enjoy!








Masturbation Domination Goddess Madison


masturbationdomination (800) 601-6975