This part III and final chapter of Brenda’s feminization fantasy, to read part I and II click the following links
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feminization fantasy II.


Feminization Fantasy Finale


Brenda has fully embraced life as a sissy girl. She has come so far and loves living as her true self. (No more icky man clothes) We have also attended more parties and Brenda has just blossomed into a good sissy slut.

Brenda is even allowed to go to parties alone twice a month. I mean even a sissy girl needs some space. But I have full trust in her and I know she will serve those cocks well.


Feminization Fantasy Sissy Brenda


I guess you could say that Brenda’s feminization fantasy has now come full circle. I give her tips and tricks now, but she gets herself ready now. Brenda does her own make-up and hair and even picks out her own slutty outfits.

She is very eager and cock hungry now and knows this is what she needs. it makes me happy to see Brenda living her best life, as we all should be doing. Brenda has a purpose now, and that purpose is to be the best sissy whore she can be.


New Adventures with Brenda


Brenda and I started doing some new things. Instead of taking her to parties, we’ve started planning our own parties! Brenda loves it when I throw her cock parties *giggles*. I pick the theme, she dresses the part, and then gets to be as naughty as she wants.

Brenda is so comfortable in her skin. She asked me to start taking her out in public to clubs and bars. I love going out with her. She has become a natural sissy slut and knows how to pick up men and feed her sissy urges. I can’t believe some of the things I’ve seen Brenda do at these clubs.


I am so proud of Brenda! Life has definitely changed for her, but for the better and she knows this now. She even said she wished she had met me sooner *giggles*.

If you want to hear about some of her sissy clubbing adventures just reach out to me by giving me a call or you can also email me or message me on skype to set up a session.


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