I had a fun feminization fantasy call, that I just enjoyed it so much I had to share it with everyone. If you’re into feminization fantasy calls, follow along.

Feminization Fantasy Begins

The fantasy begins as us being coworkers. For the purpose of this fantasy, we are going to call my coworker Brad for now.  It all starts when I noticed that “Brad” seemed way more interested with feminine things than your average “guy”. Me trusting my women’s intuition, I knew something was different about “Brad”. So, I decided test out that intuition on “Brad” with some special drinks and girl time.

Girly Cocktails for a femme guy

I invited “Brad” out for some cocktails after work and of course like most guys will do he tried to order a beer, but I insisted he order a cosmo. Of course, I was right as soon as that sweet drink touched his lips a twinkle sparkled in his eyes. Of course, what “Brad” didn’t know is that I added something a little extra girly to his drink and after one sissy cocktail “Brad” was all too happy to join me at my place for a night cap.

Feminization fantasy changes

Just one girly drink and I noticed “Brad’s” hips were swaying a little more than when we left the bar and the way he sat on my couch crossing his ankles so delicate and feminine. So, I made another special sweet cocktail and as “Brad” sipped it, I could see his face begin to flush and his voice even changed a few octaves higher. I knew all along this is where he belonged.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks this was our daily routine. Just feminine chit chat at work and cocktails at my place after with more special girly drinks for “Brad”. It didn’t take long before real changes started to be noticeable.

Brad becomes Brenda

After weeks of cocktails and tons of girly chit chat, I suggested that “Brad” slip into a pair of my pretty sexy panties. Of course, I wasn’t surprised when he jumped at the chance. In just a few minutes he was stripped down to nothing but a pair of pink silky cheeky panties that showed off an amazing ass. In fact, a fuckable ass. Now I am about to surprise my girl “Brad” and see how deep his inner sissy has become.

I left my feminized girl and slipped into my room and into my gorgeous girl cock. When I walked back into the room there stood before me “Brad” who we will now refer to as Brenda with her mouth wide open and a tent in her panties.

Brenda gets pegged

I knew what feminizing would do to Brenda and now I get to fuck her. I walked over to her standing in her pretty panties and took the head of my girl cock and just rubbed it up and down against her clit.   Holy fuck! she let out the most girly moan I’ve ever heard. I smiled and said, “Brenda are you ready to get fucked like a girl?”, and like I knew she would she begged please fuck me.

Needless to say, “Brad” is now Brenda, and she has become addicted all things feminine.  Including getting fucked nice and hard by my gorgeous girl cock. I am looking forward to the future adventures of Brenda my sissy coworker.


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