This is part II of Brenda’s feminization fantasy, to read part I click here.


Feminization Fantasy progression


Brenda has been continuing her special girly drinks (treatment) and has embraced her new life. I have been fucking her for a while now and I think Brenda is ready to try real cock now.

She was very hesitant, but I had to explain to her that this is part of her femininization journey. Every sissy girl needs to learn how to please a real cock and it was time for her to progress to the next level.

Brenda gets ready


Today is the day, I whisper to Brenda. Her nerves seemed to calm as she sipped on her girly cocktail, while I applied the finishing touches on makeup.

The last thing to get her ready to please real cock is that nice deep shade of red lipstick (all femme girls need red lipstick).

Brenda slipped into her lacey black panties, and sheer black stockings with the seam up the back of the leg (which is just sexy as fuck).

I had Brenda walk over to me so I could help her slip into her tight little black mini dress, which showed off all of her sensuous curves.

Now it was time for Brenda to put on those fuck me heels. She slid into them as I fastened the ankle strap and took her hand to stand her up and put her in front of the mirror.

Brenda stood there looking at herself in the mirror realizing she is all woman and ready to take the next step in her feminization journey.


Brenda’s new experience


The car pulls up to the house and we get in. Brenda has no idea where we are going or what I have in store for her.

We walk into the room and all eyes are on her. All the men there are glaring at her with lust in their eyes. She glances back at me nervously, but I whisper it’s alright.

I knew Brenda would be the bell of the ball or in this case the slut of the party. Her feminization fantasy journey has been a wonderful experience for both her and I. Brenda found it so liberating to be herself, from training with my girl cock to now taking real cock and living fully as her sissy girl self.



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