So I did a poll on my twitter about what other clothing items really makes sissy girls feel most feminine, other than bra and panties. The results ended with heels being the over all winner and yes the right pair of heels can make your legs look amazing.

All of us girls love to look and feel sexy. Whether you are a sissy maid or a sissy school girl. There is that one item that you love putting on and it is your must have to make you feel completely feminine.


Let’s talk about those Sissy Girl Legs


A good sissy girl takes the time to shave her sexy legs and why?  Because you like the way the look and feel, and you take the time to find the perfect stockings you like or even the perfect knee socks so you can add the extra girly touch. Some sexy sheer stockings with the seam up the back or even some cute cable knee socks can be everything to completing your inner sissy excitement.

When you cross those legs and you feel the stockings rubbing together, oh how soft and silky they feel. How about pulling up those comfortable knee socks, then dangling your sexy shoe off your toes, I bet that makes those panties you’re wearing a little wet, doesn’t it?


Let’s talk about make up for Sissy Girls


Some of you new frilly sissy’s haven’t even tried make up yet, but that’s alright. You just might need a little nudge in the right direction and help finding your perfect color, but for the forever sissy girl applying her make up and you know who you are.

I know there is one item you love when putting on your face that just completes your sissy feminization and makes you unleash your inner girly . It may be that hint of blush adding color to those soft cheeks of yours or that sexy red lipstick you painted on your lips ( and we all know why you chose red!) Slut!


There are no two Sissy Girls alike


What I have learned in my years of experience with sissy wives, sissy husbands or even closet sissy’s that no two are ever the same. No matter what item of clothing or shade of lipstick gives you that feminine feeling, the important thing is that you feel sexy, girly, sometimes slutty or even comfortable in what you have on. Being one of the girls is your ultimate goal and you may even want to be treated like a sissy slut or even humiliated.

But whatever, just let your inner sissy self shine through and be the girl you have always desired to be! If you need some help deciding on what to wear or need some help applying those finishing touches just give me a call and I will be more than happy to help you on your femininization journey.


Masturbation Domination Goddess Madison