First off!

It’s my Birthday Month!!

June 10th is my special day, and anyone who does a 15 minute session or longer with me will get 5 free minutes!

To claim your 5 free minutes, you MUST mention Madison’s Birthday special to Dispatch while making your purchase, or you will not get the 5 free minutes. These 5 free minutes will be used during this session only!

Cum one Cum all but not all will get to cum *giggles*


I wanted to talk about this amazing Sissy Pageant coming up. I know some of you sissy girls are probably nervous about picking the right outfit, but no need to be nervous! This a safe and judge free zone!

I just want to share some of my sissy thoughts and encouragement.


Sissy Pageant Perfection


It is honestly simple to do. Find an outfit that makes you feel confident, that is key. I know a lot of outfits can make you feel sexy, beautiful or even slutty.

But without confidence, then it will not even matter. Hold that beautiful head high and work it girls!!

This isn’t new to most of you, so find your best outfit and bring the confidence! and Good luck to all you sexy bitches!


Finding that Confidence


I know sometimes it is hard for sissy girls to be confident within themselves. But you need to accentuate your best assets!

I see some of you girlie girls have amazing legs! So, start there and find the perfect panty hose or thigh high stockings. Then pair those with the right heels and you will kill it!

What about your amazing sissy figure? Accentuate those gorgeous curves and embrace them! Whether it is a little black dress or a sexy pencil skirt own it!

If you are a make up sissy then paint that canvas of yours and highlight those to die for cheek bones or those luscious plump lips of yours.


There is still plenty of time to get your sissy self entered in our pageant. You have until June 15th to get your pictures submitted.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the pictures of all the sexy outfits, poses and what creative sissy ideas you come up with.


Sissy Help is Always Available



So, if you need some sissy help or support in finding that perfect look, I am here for you! I can help you find that perfect sissy outfit for the pageant.

We can see what suits you best. Show me what you have, and we can come up with the perfect outfit for the Sissy Pageant. If you are a sissy girl who likes to show off, then you can model for me on cam!

Even if you have you already have the outfit chosen, we can talk about some last minute tips and tricks! Like lining those lips or pairing your outfit stocking or pantyhose. Oooh and finding the perfect shoes to complete the look.



Trust me, I will help you find the right style and color that suits your body type and help you accentuate your best assets!  I mean if you got it flaunt it! right? *giggles*.


But if this sissy pageant is not your cup of tea, there are always hot sissy fantasy roleplays we can have tons of fun with! If you are a seasoned sissy slut and I can make you work for me or if I tease you and turn you into one.

There is also the slow process of spiking your special sissy drink that I make you (that you love so much) but have no idea why you are feeling different, but in a good way! *giggles*


Here is how is you can contact me:

Twitter: Enchantix_madi

Skype: Madison E here is an easy link to connect

Email me:


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