Today I had the pleasure of joining Mistress Simone and her cum eating brat on a 2 Mistress call. This was my first time meeting this sissy brat and he could not keep his hand off his little pecker.


My First Impression Cum eating brat Rosario


He was shy about his feelings for Fallon and answering any of my questions at first. But then he warmed up a little and wanted to pose for me. Posing for pictures seemed to be quite a feat for him since he couldn’t keep his hands off his little sissy cock.

He wants to be a famous little sissy brat, so here I am writing about our time together with Mistress Simone.

When Rosario was told not to touch his little pecker, he started humping his pillow *giggles*. (YOU know I love a good pillow humping) but he would not listen!

Rosario was humping so fast that Mistress Simone had to instruct him to slow down and take his time, basically telling him how to hump correctly!  *giggles*. No wonder why Fallon would rather be with anyone else but him.


Fantasy Rosario wanted with Fallon


It started with Simone having him leashed and collared. As I joined the fantasy it was me, Fallon, and Simone with the little cum eating brat out and about looking for some cocks for us girls *giggles*.

But as you know I have a boyfriend named James who had a nice big BBC. And I thought what if, just what if, James gets to plant his seed deep inside Fallon as our little sissy watches.

I know this made his little sissy cock hard, because he would get to be a good cum eating brat and dive into her hairy bush after James gave her a nice cream pie.


My future with Rosario


I only learned so much about Rosario in one session. But I look forward to joining Mistress Simone and Rosario in the future. With my help and Mistress Simone, I think we can make this little cum eating brat into an obedient little sissy or even a sissy cuckold.

He definitely needs more lessons in not touching that little dick of his.


Cum eating isn’t for everyone, but everyone can be coerced into doing it *giggles*!




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