Trick or Treat everyone! I hope you are enjoying our 2022 Monsters Ball Blog Train; I know I am! You should have just come from Ms. Daphne’s stop and now it’s my turn!

Trick or Treat is a fun time, well for me it is. I just love a good Halloween party. It’s that time of year where you can be anything you want or anything I want you to be *giggles*. It is a time to express yourself or let me express for you.



Let me explain where I am going with this. I have a new roommate and I know he likes me! He knows I have a boyfriend (James) and he also knows he takes very good care of me, and I am sure he can hear and smell the sex filling up the house.

Anyways I know when a guy is interested in me, how easy it is to get them to do anything i want and I mean ANYTHING! I decided to ask my roommate if he would like to go to this special Halloween party with me. I am sure his mind is racing about me taking him instead of James. But I am the only one who knows if he is getting a trick or treat.



I approached him with a costume idea I had for him. I said he needs to dress up as a sexy woman and that I could help him with the perfect costume! Of course, he wasn’t sure of the costume idea at first, but it didn’t take long for me to convince him.

He had no clue on where I was going with this. I had him dressed from head to toe, a full face of makeup, a beautiful long wavey blonde wig, lacey black shelf bra with matching panties, sheer black stockings with the seam up the back and a sexy little black dress. Oh, let’s not forget the fuck me heels *giggles*



We walk in and he noticed he was the only one dressed up *giggles*. I did tell him this was a special Halloween party. He just had no idea how special his night was going to be.

All eyes were on him. I was surprised by my roommate’s reaction! he did not disappoint! Watching him was better than watching anyone bob for apples *giggles*. He was a natural born sissy cocksucker and served all the guests at the party.  It was a long night but so worth it!

This trick or treat has been great for me. My roommate got tricked but he also received lots of treats he wasn’t even expecting.



Following the events after that night, my roommate has not been the same since. He had no idea that he would remain living as a sexy woman and sissy cocksucker. It’s like I have a new best girlfriend! We share clothes and tips about make up! She is the best!

Looking back, maybe he wasn’t really into me. I think he was into my sexy clothes and James *giggles*.


Happy Halloween everyone!!


P.S. (If you want the full kinky details of the party, just reach out to me in an email or skype to set up a session or simply give me a call).

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