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Hello there, it’s Ms. Becky! I have taken over Ms. Madison’s blog for the day. You see, us ladies were talking about how fun it would be to run a train on all of our sweet subbies, and this month, we decided to turn our fantasies into your reality. All month long we will be running a train on you sweet submissives so we can better sink our claws into you. So, with no further ado, WELCOME TO THE MASTURBATION MAY BLOG TRAIN TAKEOVER! And even better than just running a train on you, we will be taking over each other’s blogs, so you can meet the whole gang. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this article to see where the next stop on the Masturbation May Blog Train leads you…



Welcome to the Wonderful World of Edging

Ms Becky About 1-800-601-6975I will be your host for this wonderful edging adventure we are about to undertake together, just in time for Masturbation May. Use this calendar as a guide to challenge yourself, for those of you brave enough to walk the razor’s edge in the wonderful world of edging. Also, be advised that this calendar coincides beautifully with Ms. Becky’s Masturbation Denial Challenge, and hopefully, it will serve to keep all my abstainers marinating in their own juices all month long for me, right up until May 31st.

Also, for anyone that is interested in completing Ms. Becky’s Masturbation Denial Challenge, please review the requirements. This fun Edging Challenge is meant to be a companion piece to deepen the denial challenge for those who seek submissive excellence. Only the strongest and most dedicated submissives will complete both in their entirety.


What is Edging?

Edging is where you stimulate yourself right up to the point of pleasure but stop yourself before you tumble down the pleasure cliff. Essentially you will be masturbating to the point of orgasming but pull back before achieving orgasm.

Now, if you are completely new to the practice, you may be asking yourself why on earth would someone want to bring themselves to the point of orgasm just to rip it away at the very end. The shortest and most simplistic answer I can give you on the subject of why people edge right now is that it improves performance, extends and intensifies pleasure, improves stamina, and hits that kink funny bone in some of our fellas and sissies.

Now that you have a brief overview, let’s jump right into the challenge. If you faithfully complete all 31 days, follow up with me. I may have a nice little treat for you for being such a good, obedient slave for me.



Supplies For the Edging Challenge

You will not need too awful much to complete this challenge other than a cock and your hand, but there are just a couple exceptions to the rules. See below:

  • Silky panties
  • Vibrating egg
  • Lube of your choice (use as needed)
  • Ability to print out pictures from the web
  • Ability to access porn
  • Timer
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Small bucket container (2)
  • Two pillows
  • 5 bananas
  • Drinking glass
  • Spoon
  • 25-35 minutes of private time to devote each day.



Ms. Becky Begin Edge Challenge 1(800) 601-6975


Masturbate your cock in hard, quick stokes for 10 consecutive minutes no less than 4 times today. Each session should be at least 2 hours apart. DO NOT CUM until after the 4th time and a minimum of 5 edges, for those of you still in charge of your cock.


Fuck your palm by thrusting your cock inside your clenched fist by thrusting your hips, just like you were fucking your hand pussy for at least 20 consecutive minutes. Get to know that hand pussy very intimately, sweet boy. For those of you that have retained the privilege, make sure you wait at least 60 minutes before touching that cock again. After you have completed that, give that sweet hand pussy a big sloppy kiss to say thank you, ok?

Day 3

You’ll need some silk panties here, my darling. I want you to wrap that cock in those sweet silky panties and I want you to masturbate your cock watching yourself in the mirror, edging a minimum of 4 consecutive times. For those of you not in the denial challenge, when you cum, I want you to cum in the panties just like a sissy girl would, ok?

Day 4

Now, let’s add some increased level of difficulty. I want you to start stoking that cock exactly how you most favor when you want to cum in a jiffy. You know the stroke, darling. We will refer to that special stoke you favor as your stroke going forward. Stroke your cock using your stroke at least 5 consecutive minutes once every waking hour. After completing at least 8 consecutive hours of the 5 minute stimulation sessions AND achieving a minimum of 8 edges, those of you not in the denial challenge can cum in your hand. Make sure you clean up your mess for me by eating it all up!

Day 5

Play Edge Me Please for 10 minutes at least 5x today between 5:00 AM and 11:59 PM

Day 6

Jerk that cock in hard, short strokes for 10 consecutive minutes watching your porn of choice. Spit in your palm and mash that palm in the hand of your cock and make at least 20 quick tight circles on the mushroom head of your cock. Continue these instructions until you achieve 6 edges.

Day 7

Edge for at least 10 minutes using the LDW Mistress of your choice. Pro Level: Stroke for an LDW Mistress, on camera, on Skype. Follow all of her instructions for the length of the call. For those of you in the denial challenge, advise your LDW mistress of that at the beginning of the call.

Day 8

Fuck that hand pussy for 8 minutes at least 8 times today, with a minimum of 60 minutes between each session, with a minimum of 8 edges throughout the day.

Day 9

Stand in front of a mirror for this. Stroke that cock in front of the mirror using your stroke for 2 consecutive minutes, then spit on your palm and make 9 tight circles on the head of your mushroom head 9 times. Slap balls very lightly 9 times. Repeat the cycle a minimum of 9 times. I want 19 edges today, subby. Do not fail me.

Day 10

Play Edge Me Please for 8 minutes in a public restroom today. This can be at work, providing you have at least 3 other people in the office where you work. Be mindful of your surroundings, and do not traumatize anyone by forcing them to watch you beat that sad cock of yours while completing this task, lol.

Day 11

Print out a close-up face picture of your LDW Mistress of Choice and tape it to the wall. You are going to make a spectacle of yourself for me! Tape her face to the wall about where she would be if she was standing. Sink to your knees before her. You are going to put on your very best performance for her, stroking that cock, fucking that hand pussy, and telling your favorite LDW Mistress what a dirty, filthy subby you are for her. You have 15 minutes to give your Mistress a minimum of 11 edges, down on your knees, begging to cum. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE IN THE DENIAL CHALLENGE, YOU ARE NOT TO CUM. It is appropriate for you to be in pain while worshipping your Mistress, isn’t it?

Day 12

Today, we are going to test out your creativity, my darlings! Edge yourself without hands or toys- 6 times please. You can grind your cock into the wall, you could rub your genitals all over the arm of a chair like a bitch in heat, you can stimulate yourself anyway you want- NO HANDS. NO TOYS.

Bonus: I would love to hear about some of the creative ways you accomplished your 6 edges. You can email me at to let me know the most creative ways you edged that cock for me. The most impressive technique (i.e. the most degrading, filthy, depraved, utterly humiliating technique- just so we are clear on what’s being evaluated) will win a exclusive erotic audio congratulations from me. And yes, pictures are welcome as well!

Day 13

It’s Friday the 13th, darling. You’ll need some ice today. Get a deep bucket-like container of ice and water. Strip naked and stand in the mirror sideways. Hold your cock in your hand and ready your hand pussy. I want you to fuck your hand pussy for 10 minutes, edging yourself a minimum of 2 times. Ice your shaft and balls down by plunging your shaft and balls in the water for 1 full minutes. Get yourself hard again- I don’t care how long it takes. Fuck your hand pussy for another 10 minutes, and then plunge your shaft and balls into the bucket of ice water for another minute. Repeat the process until you provide me with 13 edges.

Day 14

I want one edge per hour on the hour, with a 5 minute grace period either way, for a consecutive 10 hour period. Plan your day accordingly. You are to edge between X:55 and X:05 every hour for at least a 10 hour period.

Day 15

I want you to put the vibrating egg under your ball sack or on the outside of your sweet ass and fuck the hand pussy without cumming. I want you to thrust yourself into your hand desperately and hungrily and make a spectacle of yourself. You cannot stop until you have achieved 15 edges.

Day 16

Tuck that filthy penis deep in the globes of your ass. Close your legs tightly, like a lady should. Squeeze and wiggle, do circles with your hips. Stimulate yourself just like you had a wet pussy in between your legs. Give me one hands free edge just like a girl does, ok sweet boy?

Day 17

Lay two pillows out on the bed, one about where a woman’s head would be and one where her pussy would be. You’re going to hump the pillow pussy for me today, ok? I want you to lay down next to your date for the day, and sweetly kiss that pillow for me. Roll over on top and get ready to hump that pillow pussy for all you are worth. Make sure you put on a good performance, darling. Pretend I am there watching you humiliate and demean yourself for me. You can stop fucking the pillow pussy after 5 edges.

Day 18

You’ll need the bananas, spoon and the drinking glass today. Go ahead and line the glass with bananas, smooshing them in to leave a nice hole in the center of the glass. Once you have the glass lined up, run some warm water on the glass to warm the banana pussy up. Fuck that hot banana pussy, using your hips to piston that cock in and out of our homemade pussy. For those of you not in the denial challenge, feel free to cum in that banana pussy after 3 edges. Grab your spoon, sweet boy. Regardless if you came or not, you will eat up that banana pussy for me, ok? Good boy!

Day 19

AM: Use two hands. Place your first hand around the shaft and then place the second above it or below it. I know this will be awkward for people with small cocks, so just do your best, ok, little guy? Masturbate that cock with two hands and achieve a minimum of 5 edges.
PM: Using no hands or toys, masturbate that cock however you need to in order to achieve at least 3 additional edges- the more humiliating and demeaning, the better.

Day 20

While watching your favorite porn clip, consistently beat that cock, with no breaks, for 10 minutes straight. Do not cum. Gently slap your balls 20 times. Beat your cock again consistently, no breaks or pause, for another two minutes. Keep your eyes on the screen and watch your favorite scenes play out while you beat your cock…to no avail. Gently slap your balls 20 times again. Repeat the cycle until you have achieved 8 edges.

Day 21

You’ll need the vibrating egg again, sweet boy. This time, you are to put it directly on the head of your cock on high speed for 3 minutes, then move it to your balls for 3 minutes, and then stroke for 3 minutes. Repeat this cycle 7 times. You may stop if you achieved at least 10 edges. If you did not achieve 10 edges, repeat the entire cycle over again one time.

Day 22

You will need your favorite head shot of your favorite LDW mistress again. This time, you should also print out a picture of their pubic region. You are going to get a dose of exactly what it would be like serving a LDW Mistress in person. Kneel, naked and vulnerable. Place your face right next to the picture of your Mistresses pubic region. Holding your cock in your hand, beg your Mistress to lick her pussy. Lean closer and start licking the picture pussy for me. Keep stroking your cock. Edge 5 times while you lick that paper pussy.

Bonus: Send in a picture of the wet and destroyed paper pussy to for a chance to win a FREE exclusive audio.

Day 23

Ready for your close-up? I want you on camera with an LDW Mistress edging at least 5 times today. You can purchase minutes with your LDW Mistress of Choice at, and make sure you can hop on Skype with her to perform beforehand. You do not have to show your face (highly recommend you set up your angle before opening your video). But you do need to follow her instructions and achieve a minimum of 5 edges before hanging up.

Day 24

Play Edge Me Please in the first 3 hours you wake up. Achieve 2 edges.
Play Edge Me Please again before you go to bed and achieve 6 edges.
Read what is required of you on Day 25 before turning in for the evening, so you can plan your time accordingly.
Go to bed, no orgasm tonight.

Day 25

Masturbate as soon as you wake up today. Jerk your cock for 1 minute straight, then gently slap your balls 25 times. Place your thumb on the head of your cock, and gently stimulate your slit. Spit on your hand and mash it in the head and make 25 gentle circles. Repeat this cycle 20x.

Day 26

Fuck your hand pussy and achieve 2 edges. Remove your hand pussy and fuck air for two minutes. Repeat this cycle for 20 minutes or once you achieve 10 edges, whichever cums (lol) first.

Day 27

I want you to tuck your cock away in those sweet ass cheeks again for me, ok? But this time, I want you to stimulate yourself by crossing and uncrossing your legs, squeezing them together, rubbing them against each other, rubbing your crotch in the chair, etc at least 3x today, and achieve at least one edge…publicly. Couple notes: Don’t be creepy, don’t get arrested, don’t touch yourself, and don’t expose yourself, and finally, don’t get caught.

Day 28

Roll the dice 8x today. Edge yourself to the number you get on each dice roll. You cannot cum until after the 8th roll has been fully completed. Those in the denial challenge, of course, can’t orgasm at all. Matter of fact, those in the denial challenge who have also been following the edging challenge should roll their dice another time and edge themselves a bit more, lol.

Day 29

Get one bucket of ice water, with a thick layer of ice floating on top, and one bucket of hot water (do not make this hot enough to burn- this is not a pain challenge…in that way, at least). Plunge your cock in the hot water first, leaving it in there for a minute. Take it out and stroke it in your stroke for 10 minutes. Plunge it in the hot water once more then quickly plunge your cock in the ice bucket for 2 minutes. Do this in the morning, afternoon and evening. Check out tomorrow’s assignment so you can plan accordingly, ok?

Day 30

30 Edges back-to-back, sweet boy. I DGAF how long it takes. I don’t care how you get there. I only care that you start playing with your cock and bring yourself to the brink of orgasm before snatching it away at least 30 times before you stop…or cum, for those of you not in the denial challenge. Make the most of it; you’ll miss all this attention your gave your cock this month when the challenge is over.

Day 31

This last assignment will pull together all the techniques you learned for one memorable edging session. Read through all the steps in order to prepare and grab all the supplies you need. This sequence is designed to be completed in one sitting.

Today, you shall:

  • Plunge your cock in hot water, stroke your cock for 3 minutes, and then plunge it into the ice bucket for 1 minutes.
  • Get hard again by watching your favorite porn for 5 minutes and stroking your cock with your stroke.
  • Edge yourself once while fucking your hand pussy, while laying on your back like a bitch
  • Get on all fours and reach between your legs to jerk your cock and edge yourself
  • Rear up in a kneeling position, tape your favorite LDW mistress (face and pussy) to the wall and fuck your hand pussy by thrusting your cock in your hand while licking that paper pussy better than you have ever licked before. Edge yourself at least 2x in this position
  • Then tuck that cock into your ass cheeks and sit soon your feet. Squeeze your legs together and gently bounce up and down for me. Give me one edge in that position
  • Play Edge Me Please for at least 3 more edges
  • Now, for further instruction, and to find out whether you are allowed to cum on this day, I am going to need to supervise you and watch your performance. Only obedient slaves who put on the most entertaining performances will be able to cum today!

I am so proud of you for completing “Ms. Becky’s Masturbation May Challenge: 31 Days of Edging” and commend you for your bold choice in this Masturbation May celebration! I’d love to hear about any fun adventures you had on the journey!

I hope that you had a wonderful time this month and got to experience up close and personal all the wonderful benefits of edging, delayed orgasms, and denial. Best of all, you were able to deepen your submission and experience the complete loss of control over your own body. Edging to please a Mistress is a very satisfying and worthy pursuit, isnt it, Subby?

Sincerely Ms Becky 1-800-601-6975

Let’s stay in touch!


But wait, there’s more…..

Next up on the MASTURBATION MAY BLOG TRAIN TAKEOVER is Mistress Madison, who will be featured on My Blog blog on 5/3/2022