Stroke-A-Thon 2021 is coming up and I am sure you heard all about it, but just in case you haven’t. It is a guided masturbation multi-Mistress event. I may be the newest Mistress to join LDW but I am very experienced with giving jerk off instructions and when I saw this event, I had to jump at the chance of being part of what I am sure is going to be an amazing time.

Guided Masturbation Mistresses

10 masturbation Mistresses instructing you on how to stroke that cock and teasing you with the goal of trying to make you cum. Each Mistress will have a turn teasing you during the Stroke-A-Thon. The question is can YOU handle it? Just imagine the voice of Ms. Erika telling you how to jerk that cock or the sexy Ms. Olivia purring instructions in your horny ears. Ms. Harper demanding you to stroke harder for her and Ms. Ruby’s sexy voice with that accent guiding your every stroke. How about the sexy Ms. Riley teasing that cock and keeping you on the edge of orgasm.

More Mistresses More Fun

Masturbation Mistress Rachel will be part of the event and I am sure you will find it very hard not to cum when she is guiding you. Our MILF Mistress Daphne will be testing your masturbation endurance while she enjoys watching those cocks.

Gooning Goddess Willow is definitely going to make it hard for you to hold back and I heard that the sexy Ms. Bethany might even be tempted to join in on the jerking off fun too and of course I will be there teasing you and making you stroke faster for me.

Guided Masturbation Endurance Training

Between now and September 18th, I will be doing guided masturbation endurance training with any one who calls me and is part of the Stroke-A-Thon! I want to help build up your stamina so you have a chance at winning one of the amazing prizes. Let’s face it lasting 5 minutes with all 10 ladies is not the way to win. So I am ready to starting your stroker training and help you cross the finish line.

If you are a new to me caller, as a part of my Mistress of the Month promotion you will get 5 minutes with every paid session. This is a perfect time for you stroker boys to get in that extra practice before the big event.


Masturbation Domination Goddess Madison